A mail and a date with history

|| Shree ||

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Coronation 335’th Anniversary Celebrations
Date – Friday – June 05, 2009
Place – Pashan, Pune.
Time – 0500 hrs – 1800 hrs

Brief outline of the Program :

 Accomplishment of RajabhishekPrayog Before the Sunrise.
 Lecture By Eminent Historian Dr.Sadashiv Shivade.
 Presentations by Activists working for fort conservation in the Sahyadris.
 Debate with Eminent Historians and the students of History : “ History : Truths and Myths ”
 Lecture By Eminent Historian Shri Ninad Bedekar.
 We would provide Early Morning Tea, Breakfast + Tea, Lunch & Evening Tea.
 Prior Registration Necessary to Attend the Program.
 Registration fees – Rs.150/- ( Rs. One hundred fifty only/- )

Please e-mail us at shivrajabhishek@gmail.com to know the details of the program and Registration.

We look forward to meeting you all for the Celebrations at the venue. Please participate and
pass on the information to your friends and family and help us make it a memorable occasion for all of

Sincerely ,
Organizing Committee.
335’th Coronation anniversary Celebrations.

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