The death of LTTE

An era has ended. The most blood thirsty demonic Terror perpetrator has drowned in to the dusky jaffna peninsula.

This photograph released by the Sri Lankan military shows civilians wading and using inflatable tubes across a lagoon to escape the island's war zone

That was my first response and feeling of relief when i heard on TV of the death of Prabhakaran the Head of LTTE. But on a second note and deeper thinking I felt a little uncomfortable. His death shall not solve the woes of teh Tamils. The tears would be endless now, their second class citizenship is forever now. They have come back to the pouint where they have started, and the President Mahinda rajapaksa will be the perpertrator of more crimes if he doesnt tend to the woes of the million Tamils internally displaced (or should we call them refugees since the sinhalese will never accept them).

I always thought of kashmir befor commenting on the Sri lankan tamils, but one thing is sure the Indian Muslims are the most comfortable and with all rights compared to anywhere in the world.

So let us wait and see, befor that let us write to the Sri lankan president, with congratulations but also a warning and suggestion to look after his tamil citizenery.

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