Entry for May 28, 2009

During one of my recent treks and cross country bikings Lost my Sony ericsson P910. A fav phone and a dear darling in critical times. Now that thanks to sony ericsson they have stopped manufacturing the model and the replacements are an awful performers, so am looking for a new phone that can be of atleast 80% performance to my earlier dear phone that served 4 years.

Its become some sort of a habbit for me to loose something or the other. A couple of days ago I lost my Gold ring (my mother believes it would stop me from travelling long distances like a nomad), now what can I say.

This I got from fellow blogger sender 11 (I was searching for a bigger screen)

Fashion phones:
128×220 Samsung F210
240×400 LG favorite. Prada and Viewty.
Handheld touchscreens of the iPhone variety:
240×440 Various Palm and HP
240×480 LG KF700
Typical Palm/Blackberry form factor. US enterprise with portrait or square displays:
240×240 Samsung F210
240×260 Blackberry Pearl 8100
320×240 Various
320×320 Palm and Samsung
640×480 HTC X7500, Qtek 9000, etc.
800×352 Nokia E90 Communicator
800×400 Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

My friend sree says Blackberry is ideal, and i am looking beyond……
My personal pick is the xaperia X1…. but not all is quite well with the phone i suppose.

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