compaq, HTC and my excitement

For some reason I always wanted to do things in a hurry and on the click of a button. As i was chatting with a couple of friends One of them had this beautiful caption as his profile line on G TALK

Are great things ever done smoothly? Time, patience, and indomitable will must show.

Wow dont you think that is amazing line. There are several like that that have touched my mental attitude and remained there. Like say for example mmmmmmm…………………………

hell who cares but believe me there are some 🙂

Now working online has become difficult as my Antique Compaq presario laptop has ducked again (This time for ever I suppose). May god bless me with a new one….

My HTC phone is working well and I spent 2k on it but cant access my email / internet, so a bit pissed off. well but its exciting to use a new phone (childish but i am)

Noida is not taht fun 2 live on. But trying to love the place.
The bad news is laso that our very own Chandrayan has developed a glitch but am afraid its much more than that.

So trying to find a nice old age home for a needy friend and exactly speaking I cant write anymore. I am hungry to be precise rats crawling in the stomach (thats a true translation of a telugu idiom)

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