Reading Kudip Nayar’s Between the lines

Have been reading the book Between the lines by Kuldeep Nayar a well covered book and I have not come across any meaningful memoirs of another journalist / govt officer (b it the PRO MEA) detailed and yet to the point.

Borrowed the book long back from Srikanth’s father he is a good collector of books and a book reader. Its an awesome book that i have read in ages. Although I hated his recent articles mainly filthy and hypocratic and with a hangover of wanting to write a more middle way and indecissive rather than being journalsitic or anywhere near.

In the book mainly highlighted are two of the greatest and toughest times the National language issue / official language and the Indo-china border dispute and how Nehru’s shortsighted and dreamy idealistic philosophies bookish had taken over the Indian pride and practically left the ntion bankrupt and nude in the commity of nations.

I love the way he addressed and covered the issues in this book.
Thanks kuldip.

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