Just finished Hindu Masjids

I just finished another book on HINDU MASJIDS by one MR Prfull Goradia. Doesnt have anything to do with controversies but mere facts. There is a complete manuscript of the book online at the Janasangh website. Yeah but dont get judgemental about this for gods sake or heavens sake or wotever. Just read the book here

Hindu masjids personify the deep chasm, or the sharp conflict between the Hindu ethos and Muslim zealotry. The conflict must be resolved. Why are we anxious? For the simple reason that without resolution, India cannot acquire the spirit of collective honour. And without national pride, the country cannot leap forward.Individual citizens may flourish or shine, as they do even now, whether at home’ or overseas. But the collective performance of the country disappoints.
Many a Samaritan has tried to bridge the Hindu/Muslim chasm. Perhaps no one tried more than Mahatma Gandhi who went to extraordinary lengths by leading the khilafat movement in 1919 whose logical conclusion was anti-national.Yet his mission failed and eventually India was partitioned. The reason, possibly was that well meaning bridge builders did not comprehend the mismatch between the Hindu psyche and Muslim mind. It is well known that the conceptual purposeof an average Hindu is self actualization. Or fulfill himself by the best of karma which should eventually lead to moksha, mukti or nirvana. The Hindu universe consists of all living beings including animals, birds, reptiles et al. Since souls transmigrate, ideally violence should not exist.

Well written and has an interesting illustrations with photographic evidence the author has personally visited and talked to people around. Although it seems that it is full of info and dumped but each word and reference is by itself a strong and historical evidence collected mostly from the western sources and islamic sources. (The author repeats every now and then that since the quote / archive mentioned is not Hindu it doesnt have to be judged and is right)

Another very interesting fact is the authors theory of British are good and not necessarily bad, they might have used the schisms and divisions between us for ruling us but otherwise they are gentlemen. I kind of tended to think and debate the issue.

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