Delhi Metro and the Thomas Freedman Article

 I was travelling from Mayurvihar on the outskirts of Delhi to the Connaught place in Delhi and it was a rough ride. God what a difference the Metro makes for the common commuter is evident and reaching Yamuna bank metro station is an excercise if not circus and a drive from there on is cakewalk.

And today morning I woke up and tuned in to the radio it was great news to learn that the Noida Yamuna bank Metro is on test drive which means it would soon be operational. Great relief man.

And going thru the articles in the paper in hand I found this wonderful piece by guess whom.. ? Thomas freedman! yeah i do not know first when i read him but since then it has been a great reading. Espl his green techand economy based ones.

Well here is Thomas friedman’s column on terrorism and the GUD WORK the american Mr Greg Mortenson is doing and all that stuff. I was moved by the last paragraph, I nad we all know its not true but the way americans depict their deeds and justify them is god save us. Well I love Thomas freedmans articles because he is one of the few that focusses on the green economy and futuristic technologies. Long live green tech. SGV TRIBUNE

“When a girl gets educated here and then becomes a mother, she will be much less likely to let her son become a militant or insurgent,” he added. “And she will have fewer children. When a girl learns how to read and write, one of the first things she does is teach her own mother. The girls will bring home meat and veggies, wrapped in newspapers, and the mother will ask the girl to read the newspaper to her, and the mothers will learn about politics and about women who are exploited.”

 And thats what I call it a cut n a massage. But still I appreciate the theme that a Girl if she is educated changes everything more than a boy getting education.


So there you have it. In grand strategic terms, I still don’t know if this Afghan war makes sense anymore. I was dubious before I arrived, and I still am. But when you see two little Afghan girls crouched on the front steps of their new school, clutching tightly with both arms the notebooks handed to them by a U.S. admiral – as if they were their first dolls – it’s hard to say: “Let’s just walk away.” Not yet.


 Well Now I understand what it feels like to be an American and an Afghani.

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