The one at the left bottom is Sambasivarao (Chandasasan rao ;( hee or so we use to call him). This one is an article from telugu  newspaper on growing muschs the bigger and the mighty or so.

Bigg ones, large ones, fat ones and thin oneswotever the size the muschs are a royal look for the men and it has been a tradition in telugus (andhra pradesh) to grow them as pride. Infact there was this CM Mr NTR who even gave extra allowance for those that grew royal and big mustaches. Wel i love them too.

Nice article, and wot am I doing with this here yeah, he was a neighbor to us some 20 and odd years ago. The man with hs musch was the most dreaded one (we used to get scared as kids) and he was strict too. Then they moved to someother place due to transfers and all that. Then this friend of mine calls me up after 20 yrs and says hello Iam so and so. (The rest is in my earlier post) and today she sent me the newpaper clip and thats how I post it here. ufff

Its tiring man.

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