Online refugees

Bought my own domain thinking of moving there.

Probably sometime after I have the site designed. My Bro Shravan will be doing the design part. There was this idea of hosting my own site then I opted stragely for the Yahoo 360 to blog with help from a friend Deepa priyadarshini. Well did well with approx 300,000 visitors in 4 years. Yahoo as usual gave me a shock of my life that it was closing, I had become an online refugee and shifted to the current blog but unsatisfied.

Yahoo first shutdown its briefcase, then Photos, then Y360, and now its closing down its Geocities the Free websites with subdomain. God may be I should never depend on yahoo, and thats probably one reason yahoo is losing out on competition and customer base.

You know to have your own space is lovely.

Also trying to make my own projects probably sometime later.

One thought on “Online refugees

  1. Deepa

    Hi Veeru!

    Thank You for the mention, I know my previous response is long…but as I said…nothing can beat the initial excitement…thats the reason I pasted our exchange here.


    Dee: Veeru, in your first blog, u had mentioned some deepapriyadarshini…is that moi?

    Veeru: Where?

    Dee: In any case…do u have other friends called Deepapriyadarshini

    Veeru: I dont think i hav any

    chk tht link, is that me?

    Veeru: Wow! u found it, now u hav 2 treat me for the honourable mention

    Dee: was that me/

    Veeru: actually d credit 4 my blogging (n my frnds say addiction 2 internet) goes 2 u


    Dee: Really!

    Veeru: yeah

    Dee: wow I am so thrilled! Overwhelmed…
    Seruiously…that was a very nice gesture of yours

    Veeru: haa haa…Big FAN of Urs!

    Dee: I hardly know people who appreciate others…inclusive of me. Treat any time…when u r in chennai

    Veeru: Really but dont reveal it or my frnds will beat u up 4 making me a shutterbug n a internet addict’

    Dee: accomodation, food

    Veeru: Dats a deal? WOW!

    Dee: YES!
    It was very sweet of U.

    Thank you


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