Somehow I like the way the BING search works adn the reason may be a softcorner towards the Microsoft, but wheneveryone has written it off its jumped back to TOP20 The alexa lists it so and the Hitwise also lists it so.

Thats very nice espl when you are written off bouncing back is super.

It is still behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Strangely, Alexa’s “top 20″ page still lists Bing’s erstwhile Avatar, Windows Live Search at the number five spot.

While it may have inched itself into the top 20 list, it is still way behind Google, which continues to dominate the number one position. Writes a blogger friend 

(Business Standard) Microsoft’s latest attempt in search engine, Bing has broken into the top-20 websites within a month of its launch. According to a web information company, Alexa, Google dominates the charts but Bing is already at 19th position with about 5 per cent of users from India accessing internet to visit Bing. ViziSense, another online traffic measurement and metric tool, tells us that since the launch of Bing in India, the traffic on Microsoft sites has gone up. For instance, in the month of May,

Reactions are pouring and seems ok

Bing is making an effort to talk to users and find out what they want. They have presence on both Twitter and Facebook. If I want to do a similar thing with Google, that is not possible. I also like the idea of having an image on the page, Google’s white background is boring.–Vishal Gondal CEO, Indiagames

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