My scrapbook for next one month

Hey Before I forget here is a Huge hug to all my friends and especially for somebody special, the Birthday boy JAYSEELAN. (the one with a beard)

The past week has been a hectic one adn researching on Gun History is no small thing (Happy) and meeting the elderly profesors and sharing their epertise is an experience if a lifetime. Then there is the US trip of Francois and had to spruce up the websites that i left for somebody to take over and no it can never be that way. Veeru is Veeru and unique only he can do certain things at certain point of time crucial enough. Online advertising without spending a penny is an Art i feel I have considerable expertise in.

And here I go picking up pieces from francois’ trips and putting together all of them on ( FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, ORKUT, TWITTER and loads of Free Press Release service sites online. Well Its quarter way along the work and still loads to do. Hope Francois mobilises more support for the History Museum being Built in Pune. Hopefully! But Indians and abroad you never know. NRIs 🙂 if they feel for it they will pour out of their pockets adn untouched tere you go my biggest fear. Hopefully Francois’ dream should comethrough and true. He has been campaigning fo the Country for long. And yt all he gets is brickbats.

Then I have my own things on hand. Promised a friend to help with an Orphan kid for supporting through her education and an old age home decent enough in rural Andhra for a friend. Its pretty tough getting things done and on time. You know veeru can do it. Come on daa you can.

Here is one more and last but not the least thing that keeps comming on my radar to Support the Voluntary agencies like Vandemataram Foundation for the good work they are doing. Am in designing their website (oops not the computer wallah desgn) and am their exper for online activities. heee as if i know a lot. But wotever with my limited knowledge is ok as long as it benefits those who can make a difference.

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