tech-tips usnign free software tools

This is a mail that I got from one of my Friends Satya. Well Its interesting and most of them We have tried atlest once but are useful yet. So here we go…

Hi, I thought of sharing with you some of the important tech-tips usnign free software tools (of course many of you are experts and may also be aware of these tools) just in case I can save some of your efforts of doing any further research or perhaps you never thought of them. I use all these tools all the time happily.

(1) WEB BROWSERS: Google Chrome from is the best web browser when compared to Mozilla Firefox which is better than Microsoft IE Internet Explorer, because it is pro-active with better capabities to catch virus when you visit web sites, even if you don;t have proper viorus tools installed in PCs, talking of which Caspersky seems to be a better solution than Anti-Virus tool than the McAfee, Norton, eTrust etc, simply because some virus programs could not kill it where as they could kill some these popular anti-virus tools. Use Lavasoft’s free for periodic ads cleanup.

Well Chrome is ok but somehow that feel and glamour is missing. I personally love Mozilla Firefox. Infact Firefox should pay me coz wherever I sit I make it a point to download and have it on the sys. Adware is ok but somehow itself seems more of a bugging thing.

(2) DOCUMENT CONVERTER: You have 2 solutions to convert any documents like pdf/doc/xls/txt etc into pdf/jpg/bmp etc as follows (to design flyers etc). You can convert any document such as .doc .pdf .xls etc into an image file like .jpg or .bmp by simply selecting a print command to print it on to this BullZIP printer and select the format options.

Here I would rather go for foxit in PDF and PDF995 but thats only for docs / Images / files to Pdf.

(A) Download and install BullZIP PDF pritner driver from the following and print any document to “bullzip pdf printer” You can choose the JPG image quality by increasing the resolution to the best you can depending on the file size you can fit.

Well can try this one next time no harm.

(B) Upload your document in to as input and choose any output format and click on convert. Since there is max limit of 1MB, you might want to consider the options of downloading this s/w and install their conversion tool. Unless you pay some small price, it will show a water mark on converted documents, and so the above option is more preferable.

Ok this seems practically convinient, but somehow foxit mmm … am i rigid n unable to change U cant say that but may be.

(3) PHOTO EDITING: And also, you can edit for free, any of your photos and make albums with free software tools like — infranview, picaso, gimp (unix/linux/mac). Of all, I like the “infranview” as the best due to its flexibility. You can also increse the resolution with smart extrapolation techniques of infranview unlike many tools, which is the best attraction. It can be downloaded from No need to pay for commercial s/w.

Well Irfanview is a gud thing. I did try it but Google’s picasa seems much more comfortable. Again I am thinking of asking a payment from google coz, I download it on any n every comp possible.

(4) DESKTOP SHARING: The best desktop sharing tool is now “teamviewer” – forget about  those various versions of VNC tools like UltraVNC, TightVNC, the RealVNC (which is now commercialized but used to be free) or uncle Bill Gate’s remote desktop connections tools, showmypc, pcanywhere, gotopc etc.

Wow this is new. I never tried this one. I will. Thank you Satya.

Download it from and install it on both remote PCs. No VNC-like port forwarding is needed anymore. If you choose free personal or community use option, it just flashes message as a reminder (a little annopynace byt bearable). I encourage all affordable ones to donate for these s/w tools.

Thank u satya.

(5) FREE WEBSERVER AT YOUR HOME: You can create your own web server at home and avoid paying the expenive maintenance costs for web hosting services. All thet you need is to register a domain name. The cheapest way to buy a domain name is and then sign up with a free acoount at and you can manage upto 5 domains for free by creating an NS record for each domain name. It requires an IP address but your home PC will have a dynamic IP using your network provider like DSL or CableModem. Visit the and set up an automated dynamic DNS IP update service using your own DSL Router/Cable Modem (now-a-days almost every router supports like WRT54G) and then you can host your own domain name and your own web site at your own PC. You can also use Java with tomcat/apached, or ASP/C# with .NET/IIS for web site development tools. I prefer the XAMP ( )  which was earlier called LAMPP approach i.e. check all the 1st characters of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl combination of tool kit. All thatLAMPP/XAMPP comes as one single software bundle so that you don’t need to worry about integration. For web site development, you can use can install Joomla ( ), or use the commercial software tools web development toolkit DreamWeaver from MacroMedia/Adobe or use FrontPage like tools for building HTML pages. You can add web portals such as . You can extend it further using WSDL, Soap, XML development tool kits for distributed processing for interoperability between MiocroSoft and Sun technologies. Use for uploading/downoad of files form local PC to the web server to synchonize with smart FTP.

Wow Thats something. I knew your very own comp can be a server but its this simple is news. Well can I try ? Or there would be hacks n backs n aches ? ok take a break.

(6) LINUX SDK tools: Use which is the best and free open source SDK tools using the entire power of Linux/Unix on Windows platforms. It also comes with all compilers using GNU tools and all development scripting tools like perp, php, tcl/tk, expect, awk, sed, bash, cvs etc. Use MySQL in stead of the database tools such as Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, Ingres, Sybase, Access as far as possible. Php/MySQL admin tools are the for web admin.

Bhoom, Bhoom never understud a word of that. But will figure it out. Some of d friends r in to software, so may be they  can help with this bouncers.

(7) SCCS: Use the CVS tools from for source code control (SCCS) on network and the  for bug tracking and se and for regression testing and ofcourse the corresponding equivalnt commercail tools in the respective order such as the fancy ClearCase and ClearQuest tools and the Mercury’s WinRunner, LoadRunner. Cygwin’s free “expect” test tool is best for command line based testing.

Again boooooom a bigger one. HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP. F1

(8) VEDIO CONF: check several free opensource tools for vedio conferenceing, which do much better than commercial Netmeeting, webex, gotomeeting etc.

Could have been specific satya.

(9) CHAT/MESSENGER: Use PIDGIN from  fas chat tool which acts like a superset of all popular existing chat or messenger tools such yahoo, gchat, aim etc. You can get rid og all these messenger tools, with just one free installation of pidgin tool. There are several online books marks managers, which can synchronize all your favorite book maerked links at a remote web server and keep it acceissble using plug-ins. Use free source code jabberd web server in Java to design your chat server and Coccinella web client using Python/Tcl/Tk tools for creating your own chat client.

mmmm But I have my Yahho n G talk. Why would I go to some obscure thing. Ok Let me try. anyways.

(10) GOOGLE DOCS: Use Google’s shared documents using your gmail accounts for any events planning and coordination work, rather than emailing XLS, DOC, JPG attahments. These Google Dcouments proivide a lot of flexibility for simultaneous editing of MicroSoft Documents on network with perfect security

Yeah perfect, I have tried n is wonderful. Google Gr8 job.

(11) FREE CONFERENCE: Use tools to set up free conference calls using a free bridge call setup available 24×7 with complete control of running a phone conf call using a dedicated bridge number and reports summary etc. Also provides call recording facility using MP3 files.

Woow. Will hav 2 try this one,..

(12) VOIP: SKYPE is the best when compared for making local/international calls and also for conference calls with desk top connections. It has a free VOIP service to make any calls using internet. By the by, I use It has the best technology to generate automated phone numbers in your own area code nearby and lets you dial into your local phone numbers to make the cheapest international calls outside of USA like 2.9 cents per minute to India.

Skype I hav tried n dont know abt this one. Lemme c .. But all these thiings do they work in India 2?

If you are intersted in more tech-tips like this, feel free to drop me an email reply and also keep forwarding my emails to help all. Visit my web site for future reference, where I am going to post all these new innovative ideas with more code-based concrete s/w solutions. Good luck.

Sure buddy. Anytime ready to disturb you.

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One thought on “tech-tips usnign free software tools

  1. Thanks Veeru for posting my technical hints. Let me know if any of you tried these tools and need any further technical help. And also, please check my events web page and sign up for news letters. I post several events with fliers in this web page, to help the community to share the events by news letters.
    -Satya Nemana

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