Blogging Serious syntaxes or SMS lingo

I was a little bit or a lot to be fair confused of the blogging thing and here i go asking super idiotic questions adn torturing RAM my fav lecturer n friendly guide on the topic that i misunderstood most. Also misguided most of my friends with perceptions that sounded foolish after this conversation. Well may be It helps to talk to such friends.
But to be fair I wanted to influence friends that spoke eloquently and uninterrupted to put that in black and white, so told them blog is informal and you can write it like SMS. No serious work just your usual lingo. That infact worked and a lot of them are writing now(though not reggular).

Here you go….

veeru: i hav resolved 2 write somthin everyday

any ideas i mean guidance
4 my blog
Sent at 3:25 AM on Friday

srramakrishna: great!

blogging advice:

veeru: yeah

badly need some
otherwise ppl ask me n i felin super

srramakrishna: 1) choose your area (what you are going to write about… pets, politics, hyderabad, secularism, religion)

veeru: mm

srramakrishna: 2) your blog can be about one of them (focused) or all of them (general)

3) write in an intimate tone. bring in your experienes, reading, personal observations

veeru: can i , i mean capable of writng 1 single topic?


srramakrishna: 4) hyperlink wherever possible

veeru: ok


srramakrishna: 5) revise what you have written several times before you post it

veeru: that means it shall take several hours b4 i post once ?

srramakrishna: 6) use pics, embed video links, make it as colourful as possible. even pics taken from a mobile phone look good on blogs

veeru: ok

srramakrishna: not several hours… revise thoroughly after writing something

veeru: ok

srramakrishna: put in all the standard editorial checks… double check names, dates, spellings… also make sure sentences are smooth and not jerky

pay attention both to content and style
guess that’s it!

veeru: i mean if can express a sandeha

is it ok can i ask?

srramakrishna: sure]

veeru: but blog is very informal thing?!

doesnt need any synax /
serius stuff ?
atleast that wsa wot i thot

srramakrishna: blogging is not like smsing!

veeru: n told all my frnds 2 intiate in to writin

srramakrishna: it is informal but that doesn’t mean it has to be unprofessional!

veeru: ok

will c if i can stand up with all these

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