Madhu Priya and the Idea super singers

This 7th class girl from a below poverty line family and hardly 12 years age is making waves. I am not very telly friendly so would not watch reggular shows unless something like this comes up. The other day i was talking to a couple of friends from Hyderabad over the phone and they asked me about MADHU PRIYA and I was really not very interested, so told them Not Really.
They were a little more surprised than they would normally be and asked me if I knew anything about Idea Super singers on MAATV the telugu channel. I said yeah heard about it but am not really sure If I can remember anything from the show worth it.

After a few minutes the discussion came back to Madhu Priya and thats when I googled and watched her song on the GIRL CHILD and what cam shaking to me was that this kid 12 year old prodigy wrote the lyrics and tune for the song herself. NAd she says she would do anything and everything in her disposition to make girls study and would not let their education stop at poverty or something similar.

Then The other shocker she sang in a programme to fund a kidney failure patient and raised 4 lakh but when I saw her home it was a shanty one room house. And I was thrilled to know she has been the driving force for KCR’s Telangana music and Gaddars programmes as well as even Kishan Reddy (BJP) and none of the politicians ever gave her anything despite gaining loads of publicity from the girls songs.

What was more hurtinmg was due to the reality show politics she was eliminated by a movie music director (god knows what a music dir of telugu movies knows of folk songs) and due to the immense pressure from audience the Channel had to reinduct her into the contest and now the very same Music director is sponsoring her to USA.

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