Festival of Lights

Wid d festival of lights fast approaching, it doesnt feel anymore like celebration. After my volunteering experience with SEVABHARATHI, I am hurt, touched and down. Hurt coz its hurting to see millions in Andhra and karnataka affected by floods. I could not control my emotions listening to the 100s of ppl affected by floods. Overnight people became homeless, displaced, orphans and destitutes. It is unimaginable.

Everyday that I woke up tweeting latest updates on the relief I pretended to be brave but the no of dead was climbing. The govts conviniently put  the figures as low as possible. But those who lost their dear ones and the tears that flowed were countless. It was a flood that swept all that mattered.

Wot can we do? Wot can I do was the major question that raked up my brains… But may be we are helpless … nature the all powerful is something we can never stand against…

Forget it now iam all equipped and with bakup 2. I am on wordpress @last.


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