Who cares for a sleeping tiger ?

So now its the turn of OIC to ridicule India and India Silently burdens the crude jokes. Such tasteless jokes however have been a routine and WE got used to.

“The role of the Special Envoy is to help in bridging the gap between the two countries namely Pakistan and India,” OIC Secretary General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu told PTI. Source: The Hindu

Earlier it was the Chinese who started marking Kashmir as a separate country with special Visas for Kashmiris travelling to that country. And then China took up Projects in POK illegally (atleast somebody called it Illegal).

China is assisting Pakistan in developing a mega power project and constructing a highway in the Karakoram range in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Source: Gulf News

To make things worse China is ignoring Indian Concerns. Of course, who takes notice of a mild so called super power unless until it prowls in true style.

External affairs minister S M Krishna strongly protested against the Chinese plan to assist Pakistan with projects in Pakistanoccupied Kashmir during his bilateral meeting with Chinese foreign minister Yang Jeichi on Tuesday. He also raised New Delhi’s opposition to Beijing issuing separate visas for Kashmiris but received no assurances from the Chinese side on either of these matters. Source: ET

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