Is it Un Islamic to sing Vandemataram ?

Its been a ridiculous debate, and everytime there is some debate on Islam it turns against Nationalism with more cliches and symbolic gestures. Cant there be a reniasance in Islam the way it happened with other religions.

Why should a Muslim always be against the state, and mix up religion with nationality. Its just not only Vandemataram, even other things like a Halloween is protested. Cant there be a more secular Islam? Cant there be voices that protest the Fundamentalism thats being blown in by the Ulemas? When will this peaceful nature come out and stand up in Islam? Do there need to be always some kinda violent protest everytime something unfortunate happens to Islam ? Cant there be Non violent protest ?

You do not believe that?  look at the debate on CNN IBN.

The Muslim objection can be summed up in one sentence. Watan hamara mehboob hai, watan hamara mabood nahi hai( We love the country as anyone else, but we don’t worship the country)

Any Arabic word has between 10, 15, 20, 50 meanings, for example, the word Maula is used to denote prophet, god or Hazrat Ali — Vandana has two meanings, the morning pray is called the Vandana and the second meaning is salutation. So when you take Vandana as that, it is as part of your faith. It signifies the love to your nation.

Muslim, Islamic, Arabic, Persian poetry was full of allusions to the Mehkhana, Sharaab, mehkhada, words which are not in congruence with the tenets of practicing Islam.

Why is it only Vande Mataram that has been singled out by the Ulemas?

Some of us are the products of Christian schools, we have said the Lord’s prayer in the school assembly and no maulvi has turned around and said that it’s an un-Islamic thing. Why does this come with Vande Mataram.

The Muslim communities have denounced terrorism at the same time they are trying to assert their identities by denouncing Vande Mataram. Denouncing Vande Mataram as a way of asserting Muslim identity is ridiculous.

If Baba Ramdev can go to the Deoband and say bismillah-rahman-e-rahim, I don’t see why any Muslim cannot sing Vande Mataram.

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