Wot a NOBell Mr Obama

The Strange and freaky Obama has gone nuts before he bows out to the japanese and then to the chinese across the border. He even could not resist dragging Indo -Pak in to his chinese Bowing spree and invites china (as if he knows is competent enough. ! look at his Israel-palestine issue handling).

He almost became a hated figure in Israel in his haste to stand up to his well orated speaches and fell flat at the same time the man that won a Nobel for I do not know what? has almost pushed the poor Mahmood abbas to resignation in peace fervour.

Barack Obama seems to have failed dismally in his first sustained attempt to show he is serious about making peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Obituaries for the hope generated by his election, peaking in his Cairo speech in June, are being written in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. For those who never believed that even Obama could succeed where Bill Clinton failed in the final days of his presidency, this was a death foretold.

So Is Obama rushing if yes where ? May be his week long holiday every couple of months or I really do not know what  d —–?

Lookat the statements he is been making right from the day he started campaigning. They are no more than speaches. I was one of the first to jump on to the Obamania and shout at the top of my voice to give him a chance. But ridiculous does it sound now.

I was watching the Discussion last night on the TIMES NOW news Television but could not figure out what the three politicians were shouting ” ofcourse it was at each other. The Sitaram yechury was on the wall trying not to say anything against china and Ravishankar prasad shouting at both manish tiwari of the congress and Sitaram Yechury. While the Host was shouting (actually knownfor this Mr Go Sawamy) to keep in pace. Manish tiwari trying to push both Sitaram & Ravishankar prasad tpo the corner. God hell of a show for a mid night bored freak.


















And here is what was India’s response according to NEW INDIAN EXPRESS

Take a walk but not in South Asia, says India

India on Wednesday trashed a reference to South Asia in a US-China joint statement that seemed to suggest a role for China in resolving disputes between Delhi and Islamabad. “A third-country role cannot be envisaged nor is it necessary,” External Affairs Ministry spokesman Vishnu Prakash said. He made it clear that bilateral dialogue – and that too only when Pakistan stopped terror attacks being launched from its territory – was the only way forward with Pakistan.

Look at it this way Mr obama TOI

But strategic experts think the US-China joint statement was indicative of an increasing convergence of interests between the US and China.

“The interests of US and China have converged. There is a new cooperation between the US and China on Pakistan and Afghanistan. They encourage China to be the cop,” said strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellaney. He further maintained that India came very low in the Obama administration’s list of priority. “He doesn’t have India in his policy. India is only marginally present.”

And if the writing on the wall is not clear look at the gallup polls in Pakistan Mr Oba Mao

According to Gallup Pakistan’s poll, 59% of more than 2,700 people surveyed across the country consider the US a threat. “Eighteen percent believe India is the threat while 11% say the Taliban are a threat,” said Gallup Pakistan chairman Ijaz Shafi Gillani. He said the survey findings show that some of the most vocal anti-Taliban groups were equally opposed to the US.

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