On your knees Mr obama

Well wot did Obama win aftre all those headless and tailspins Bowing to the chinese an expressionless HU?, and a retort with more liberalisation wanted Mr President? or is it just the customory in his own words

“The relationship between our two nations goes far beyond any single issue.”

well cant really say. Then why is Obama so pleading for chinese favours unlike the superpower so called self given status ? May be financial thats what it strikes atleast for me.

China has helped keep the American economy afloat through the recession. Its huge trade surplus with the United States — and the $800 billion worth of American government debt that it holds — is economically unsustainable and leaves the U.S. dependent on Beijing’s financial favor, however.

So now on Your knees Mr President from the film AIRFORCE ONE is out and in public atleast after so many Bows. And Nothing to blame Oh Ba Maaa..

In two areas in which the United States wants to shift China’s positions — valuation of the Chinese currency and the Chinese government’s censorship practices and human rights abuses — no advances were announced, however.

Its just Indian making too…

Indians have never had their own list of demands .. it was always whatever you give Sir … from the USA. So as somebody I really cant recollect said Power is something you fight for and achieve not which is bestowed right… May be the Indian Govt needs to be enlightened after all that burden of 1000’s of years of vedic and spiritual knowledge they need to to unlearn some of that.


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