India mourns, remembers its heroes

Its 26/11 and the saddest day in Indian History. I was watching the T^V and there we are unable to digest what happened to us and unable to figure out what we really need. We Indians no we as human beings ?! May be but then why is all this bloodshed ? We make rules to live happily and comfortably .. But why do we often get martyred for the rules that we have made ? Isnt it foolish was all I was thinking all along.

May be I donot understand whats happening in a philosophical sense but yes I do understand the pain the grief and the sufferings of my fellow being. Be it in Afghanistan / India / pakistan/ somalia / darfur ..

Then why is that people do not understand the value of life. Sometime glorifying the death and at others glorifying the suffering ?

Anyways the Times Now talk was informative and CNN IBN was a bit lighter and News X was philosophical.

At the end I would just ask you to sign up and support the Indian martyrs. May there be peace.

here are two places where you can lend your voice..

Light a candle on IBN LIVE

Voice your opinion and pray at NDTV

lay a wreath in you heart take up the responsibility to avoid any seperatist / terror activity. Be of use to the law enforcement and provide some info / any info that can make a difference.

mmortalise the 18 policemen, who were killed by terrorists on 26/11, the Maharashtra government has built a Shaheed Smarak (martyrs’ memorial) at the Mumbai Police Gymkhana facing the Arabian Sea on the city’s landmark Marine Drive.

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