Movies and reality religious conversion

I have been wanting to watch 2012 The film for atleast a week and u know what I could not. Ask me What I was doing and I would say intantly nothing! Then why was I incapable I would say Lazy and too fed up.

Now comming to the question of 2012 I really feel I would not believe any such thing. Like Kalam said ‘there would be many changes that would be happening in 2012 but its not the end of the world’

I was reading this interview with saif regarding kurbaan and I really felt he was honest and the thing regarding his personal opinion of converting after marriage I vote for it. But you know what I also think on a second thought its not feasible unless and until you are very very understanding. When I say you it is two of them the couple.

Click here to watch the vid interview

Rajeev Masand: Have Kareena and you spoken about her converting to Islam if and when you decide to get married?

Saif Ali Khan: Not really because I would never want her to. That is the trouble with religion really it expects conversion. I don’t buy or believe that any more. I think it’s good that the government has – unless I’m misinformed about the law – amended it to include it in the Special Marriage Act. If and when we do get married no one has to change his or her religion.

Rajeev Masand: Your family would be comfortable as well if she chose to continue her faith?

Saif Ali Khan: Certainly. And so they should be because it’s such a personal thing. I mean if you wanted to take someone’s daughter and make him or her into Muslims or say someone wanted to convert me into a Jain, my mother would be worried. You must be loyal to your home.

Well then now I have one more movie waiting and the list increases by the day. For some reason I just wanted to also watch NEWYORK. I hated the realistic movies or offbeat cinema. For there is too much reality. ANd I am not against that kind of cinema but I personally would not like to watch them for the simple reason that we watch a movie for a small relaxation and why would we pay and cry.

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