Well this one was when we thought of watching a movie together with 12 friends and planned it but at the end of the day the programme went wary and only 6 of us landed in the theatre that too for 2012.

Well i liked the movie. I liked the graphics and everything but when I came out of the theatre I was a dissatisfied man. No nothing to do with the movie. Its just that China had the bigger focus in the movie building the Biblical Modern NOAHs ARK.And Indians were just shown as some kinda poverty striken ignorant idiots. Although the film shows at the begining that It was this Indian that joins the dots and completes the puzzle which had predictions in MAYAN culture and other mythologies. But thats a small consolation to a knowledge society like India.

Bharat varsha or India deserves much better role. I dont blame the producers / directors of the movie coz we have been mild and shying away from our role in world affairs. Often tying ourselves to the meagre issues with Pakistan, china or some irrelavent issue. Well may be there is a need for more research, more outward focus we have had enough of the simple talk now let us take on and take over the world with the light of knowledge and power of wisdom. Technology can thus be a tool.

Who was it that said India conquered china without sending a single soldier!

And who said that India has the light that can brighten the universe.

May be iam pampering my ego too much but I would like to see the day when we lead through peace and harmony. Away from the attacks and suicide bombings only into a garden of fragnance.

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