A unknown singer and the story

This is about a telugu song by an Unknown and not Anonymous lyricist. When I first heard it while travelling in an Auto rickshaw I didnt feel anything but the auto driver gave me the story of (not necessarily true and spiced up) that the song was written by a Love bug bitten true romeo and the girl rejected him. The boy committed suicide and I hated it. Then The autowallah also elaborated that the song became so famous that all the internet (notice how tech has taken over) and all of the CD and DVD shops music stores (unorganiosed) are buzzing with the song.

Then I cam ehome and searched online only to find variations of the story I heard. Then the truth revealed.

The beauty of the song is his emotions and the amazing part is theres an answer from another girl for the song. Most amazing is they both are offered a chance in Tollywood (telugu film industry) by a lead successful 2 film hero.

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