A walk through the History

Was travelling with a couple of friends in Hyderabad. Primrily it was a normal trip to a temple but then it turned out to be a wonderful experience in to the history.

When we decided to walk in to the temple in chandrayan gutta OLD CITY hyderabad, we never knew it would be an enriching experience. (Its another thing that i was reluctant and had to wake myself up at 5:00am) In to the temple and we knew it was a beautiful place. The local folklore and the priests adn their own version of thing addding upto the folklore was amazing.

I love folklore for whatever reasons.

The priest says that the hillock was Keshavagiri / chenna gutta later turned out to be chandrayana gutta. The folklore goes that the local musalman (Islamic) officer of the Muslim rulers was travelling on a horse driven cart and the horse stopped. He enquired his servant who supplies Pan / beetle leaves and he was amazed to hear from him that if he goes up the hill and comes back the journey would go smooth. Not believing he tried to force the horse in vain. Then he heeded the advice and climbed up the hill only to find a peaceful place and ordered to build a nice temple.

Another story in the puranas / ancient text mentions that some great seer penanced here as a result he had visions of both Shiva and Hari/ vishnu. That is one reason the hill temple has both Shiva and vishnu temples with similar mustaches.

Then there is a small but magnificient temple in the rear corner of the hill. The Bramarambika temple. the folklore goes that the local shepheard saw a beautiful girl with ornaments and followed her she proceded into a crack and disappeared. He searched all over only to find an Idol life sized. She is known to be the mallanna or Shivas consort.

We then went to see the Charminar and the guide gave a beautiful account of the place his version that usuallly amazes the tourists. thats the beauty of travelling you get to be enlightened. Then the mecca masjid and ofcource the lunch at city centre mall INDIGO. Yummy and sleepy.

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