trying to sit and write down my feelings … had this missing.. feeling from my Yahoo 360 days. Was looking at my earlier posts from 2005, an amazing feeling mixed with sorrow and happiness mixed has encircled me. It kinda has taken over me.

Then sweety swetha little sister called me up, the second best thing to have happened in months. And know what she says she has been to Bylakuppe and I am again dragged into the sweet feeling of my Journalism days 2004-05 in Bangalore when I actually started to travel; and learn of the true india. Which untiul then wasnt love but infatuations towards travelling and photography.  The cauvery and the folklore in the area amazes me.

The Tibetan settlements and the amazing stories of Tibetan refugees in India sad but interesting.

Swetha says she loved the place, and amazingly she is travelling alone nowadays which is the best thing to happen to a youngster.

Swetha’s blog

mounika’s blogs

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