Watching a wiered film

The other day rather bored to death and wanting some fresh air I walked up to the theatre next to the place I was sitting. Found this poster of YUGAANIKI OKKADU (One for the age meaning the saviour). The Plot based on the Shaiva and vaishnava wars in the Tamil kingdoms in particular and south India in general.

A rather less explored topic in Indian cinema and I decided to take the adventure not knowing the consequences. The recent films that have gained the audience’s favouritism also have belonged to this same genre the historic and mysterial. The other being MAGADHEERA and ARUNDHATI both my favs. The exemplary script and the graphics work made the films super success.

This one I thought would come somewhere near to the others that were playing at the back of my head. The first half atleast was rough and bearable but the second half made head spinning possible for a headless like me and could not take anymore.

The hero God knows what he is in the film for and doesnt have anything to do but for playing around the two heroines. The Heroine Reema sen is all over the film for no reason. No stunts no Music no script and yes load of money.

BTW I forgot to mention the movie is dubbed from tamil and worth not a penny.


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