Sania, movies n d media

The sania saga … A lot has been written and read and more to come.. The Shoaib miya has literally been unpredictable and quite a suspense still shrouds as the Pak media breaks new news of his affairs. While Sania wants to remember the marriage with all the positivity Shoaib brings in the negative publicity and guess what the “Shoania” brand has made brand sania crash Cadburry sweetness is gone.

Well not everything is so negative there are the positive side  effects of it, While the media is celebrating their TRP and the Brands celebrating the medias TRPs n the audience guessing when all the scum ends and some of us are awaiting more mirchi in to it !

On the movie front I broke new records myself watching all the releases. Starting with VARUDU a shitbag movie in telugu (my tweets @veerupopuri) and before i forget the Heroine of the movie aaah the suspense and all that yeahh Bhanu mehraa Yaawk and then the Jane kaha se Ayi hai movie thats a laugh riot and I was having fun while the college going crowd at the Prasads IMAX was full of energetic criticism and laughter arousing commenting. Then it was the DATE NIGHT my best bet upuntill now for the week. Again it was full of fun and some grey comedy. While I was seated between two couples on one side and a Tamil ladies club on the other it was embarassed moments for the ladies at some points of the movie while the other parts were total fun.

Then my not so good but ok film Clash of the Titans, I liked it not so good but ok film to timepass.

The total DUD of all times was yet to come I was puzzled at the stupidity of the movie PRINCE.. Gaaaaawd One idiotic film and the most funniest the director leaves an indication for the part II at the end of the film.. May god bless the oberoi  what I forgot his first name right after the movie.. Any guesses ?!

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