Spy is the new buzzword in India

Yeah have been listening atleast me all around. This one word in several forms has been doing the rounds. First it was the IPL and corportae war like situation that blew out all across the media. Then Mr Lalit Modi accusing Sashi Tharoor and his proxy Sunanda (interesting young fella!) it became a raze of the sorts. The outlook magazine brings a coverstory that the govt is Phone tapping several leaders.

Picture courtesy: Outlookindia
Digvijay the congress’ very own General secretary, Lalu, Nitish, sharad pawar, Prakash karat and the the NSA exboss M K Narayanan all evesdropped sounds pretty good.
But why would the Govt want to tap their own party men ? Some say its the fear of the growing stature and influence while we would like to believe its just a routine exercise!
THE NTRO an otherwise unheard of agency has been doing the phone tapping. So what is it?
National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), an intelligence agency created in the aftermath of the Kargil war to cover all aspects of technical intelligence-gathering, was monitoring the conversation. The call was recorded, logged and filed away.
Created in the aftermath of the intelligence failure in Kargil, the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) was supposed to be at the cutting edge of gathering intelligence via technical means. But just six years after its birth on April 14, 2004, the outfit is gasping for breath
So like the REGINA KING says in ENEMY OF THE STATE Who’ll Monitor The Monitor?
Yeah it does sound a bit more filmy. But yes Indian Security and Intelligence establishment has grown technologically. If that was not enough tere was the telecom 2G Spectrum auction and then again came out the phone tapping allegations and the great minister was cornered for his relations with Nira Radi.

So what the hell is going on? Are we niot entitled to privacy, freedom of speech blah blah…

Then again in this hour of terrorism and critical need for intelligence gathering how do we accept the phone tapping episodes? Are they justified ?

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