The Immortals of Meluha

Was at the GVK one in Banjara Hills and lazily browsing the crosswords bookstore, it was an interesting collection that they have there, I found this book very interesting and I hate to say that I bought the book “The Immortals of Meluha” by one Amish Tripathi. I hesitated but you know the temptation of laying your hands on a book like that with a cover and first few pages is irresistable.

The Immortals of Meluha - Shiva Trilogy

In anticipation of a better depiction of shiva and the Indian history was what floored me, but you know what may be may be he could have handled the plot a little biy well. He could have not used the routine boy meets the girl stuff with Shiva. Some creativity and romantic thoughts might  have saved the book. Then the guilt of shiva was in poor taste, he is not even shown as a leader leave alone a Mahadeva and neelakanth.

By any means even the Alexander and Akbar stories were better than this one creation Amish. Please drill your brains and get some fluids out creative juices flowing. Make it better for the next two atleast.

Shiva’s strategies of war, his escapism from Manasa sarovara are real bad elements for the book. How can somebody who cannot save his people escape to Meluha and be a saviour. Gosh! and the dream, the past that haunts him hell what do you think you are doing with such a nice theme Amish? Wake u, you have lost an oppurtunity to bring an amazing theme to life.

Although I like the idea of Gods are Humans who have achieved greater tasks and deeds to be only made as Gods.

The funny guy has given a high in the first few pages and threw me off the clip in a matter of another fewer pages. He also has a website

and he even has a trailer on youtube that is even funnier. And you know what he wants to make it a trilogy god save us if he continues to write in the same breath we would be vanishing like the book itself.

Book 2: “The Secret of the Nagas”

Book 3: “The Oath of the Vayuputras”

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