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The brickbats and word of mouth over the net. The most talked about and hyped up film RAAVAN was below expectations. Was in the theatres and could not tell what was wrong ?! May be everything was…

The Cinematography was superb felt like travelling with a National geography team.. And then … a pause couldnt actually say what went wrong NO definitely not AISH she was sizzling except for the shrill shouting over half of the film…

Abhishek… NO except for his … what there is nothing that Abhishek has done in the film.. Come on Accept it Veeru!

Govinda My GOD No he was .. yeah may be a little … NO ….. A lot invisible

Then whom should we talk of in the film …

Yeah the Hoggenakkal waterfalls that is what is breathtaking..

Oh and what about Vikram…. Vikram????

Mani Sir .. what have you done…

And still ……’Raavan‘ earns Rs 20 crore worldwide on opening day

Now talk of the trade… Interesting Screams from the headlines of trade newspapers and the aam aadmi in the theaters sitting next to me…

Raavan sinks distributors’ revenue projections (Financial express)

Why ‘Raavan’ is a thinking man’s – and woman’s – film (This one is critics best if not more to come ..)

Raavan proves a disappointing travel ad (Business 24 x7)

Janta Verdict: ‘Raavan’ beheaded by the audience (Ibnlive)

There were these one liners from almost everyone.. Right from … Predictable haaa… to ufff its over…

‘I watched Raavan on my computer. There were RAM issues’ ‘

Raavan should not have been released in Gujarat. After all, it’s a dry state, no?’

And this one is an absolute killer:

‘The Raavonous Ten heads of Bollywood’s ‘Hall of Evil’ fame:

1. H S Rawail ki Deedaar E Yaar

2. Boney Kapoor ki Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja

3. Subhash Ghai ki Yaadein

4. Aditya Chopra ki Tashan

5. Rajkumar Santoshi ki China Gate

6. Sanjay Leela Bhansali ki Saawariya

7. Abhishek Bachchan ki Drona

8. Aamir khan ki Mann

9. RGV ki Aag and now

10. Mani Ratnam ki Raavan

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