The football fever

Was reading the CJ Jitender naidu’s article on MERI NEWS an interesting take but not so appealing. But the most likeable and lovable was the FAKING NEWS which screams to applause

India moves up FIFA Fans World Ranking to beak into top 50

and My heart almost stopped no not by the picture beneath that you see but by the rankings that Fake news faked. Here is the story laugh off

Ofcourse this is the best and most followed football picture atleast in 2010 untill the next world cup.

Best Quote NDTV

Paraguayan lingerie model Larissa Riquelme has pledged to run naked “with my body painted with the colours of Paraguay” if her country wins the World Cup in 2010

Was reading a freiends status message from Facebook and it said

attened a friends wedding reception and the groom suddenly turns his back at the beautiful bride and starts discussing FIFA with a friend… look what the beautiful game has done to us all

May b hes confusd of d 2 beautiful things in life while 1 stays d other visits 4 2 months 1s in 2yrs. . . He may b justified Was my comment.

Beautiful words on the beautiful game

Whatever be the complaints and issues football has obviously taken over us (after all it is the single largest watched and appreciated game after ofcourse cricket). And again on Facebook people laugh at when you say you want to vouch for India at FIFA and they are truly justified. Atleast for a country that complains of everything and anything on others we were the only ones to complain “disagreements over team selection, and insufficient practice time.”

Here is the article from Fit to post of Yahoo and it truly is funny to justify and create cock n bull stories

  • how India almost — almost — made it to the World Cup once, only to be stymied because, poor us, we played barefoot and the organizers mandated boots on feet.
  • A related story is of how we almost — almost — made it to the World Cup, but were, woe is us, stymied by our own poverty, and didn’t play in the global arena because we couldn’t afford the fares and related expenses

And thats not that pathetic India has had its share of glory at the International fora.. wondering naa look at the FIFA pages and on wikipedia too. Please dont look at the rankings It MIGHT hurt you.

From the website I Love India

period stretching from 1951 to 1962 deserves special mention, because it is the golden era in the history of Indian football. As the Indian football clubs put up commendable performances year after year, they qualified for a number of international competitions and competed overseas. The Indian footballers brought laurels to the homeland, by winning gold medals in the 1951 and 1962 Asian Games held at New Delhi and Jakarta, respectively. India registered another record in 1956, when she became the first Asian nation to make it to the Olympic football semi-finals in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

And last but not the least the

The lead is in India pipping european countries(business standard)

India ranks third, following South Africa and Indonesia, leaving all the other European countries behind. In 2009, India did not even feature in the top 10 list of countries searching for FIFA world cup online, notes search giant Google.

Web users in Karnataka topped the charts for online soccer frenzy, with Maharashtra at second place and Tamil Nadu coming in third. Some of the key things searched on Google related to FIFA were ‘World Cup 2010’, ‘FIFA 2010 schedule’, ‘FIFA tickets’, ‘Shakira’s Waka Waka song’ which is the theme song for FIFA 2010, FIFA teams and FIFA players.

So get prepared the MNCs might b a lot more interested in picking up the game in India and some of us to may be play the best of the game for a World cup not so far away.

One thought on “The football fever

  1. This is a very nice article, i have read it from the other sources about India participating in the world events and also for being the only nation for playing barefoot game, in such a big arena.
    India has developed lot of craze for this game, and the leagues life EPL and UEFA champions trophy helped one in sustaining this craze. There are many such followers, and many states which has taken the game seriosuly, and yet we don’t get to hear the slightest news of this game with respect to our country. The answer for this could be Cricket. It being the largest followed game in india, started to suppress the other games played too. Leave alone football, Hockey for this matter is also loosing its identity. The Asian football authority has given a large fund, to develop the game and come up with huge stadiums, to invoke the interest in the game of football where has all that gone. For a large country like India, well known for its population, does’nt have a role to play in the sport which has largest following, it is the BCCI, which come into play and took over the other authorities too.
    I liked your last point, where you mentioned that MNC’s might be lot interested in picking up this game in India. It is a very good idea, there should be a START from somewhere, to see the progress. And MNC’s could be a very good place.

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