A pictursque landscape turned into graveyard

Now is the time the Common Indian Mainstream media starts focusing on Leh, wondering why?! Theres been a disaster of huge loss of lives.. Can we blame them no! atleat not the media?! Not the Politiccians, and certainly not the common man…
So What shall we do about that ?!
Watch the news and say msch…
Donate some money …
Wonder where Leh is ?….
well its up to us…
Rescuers tried to reach hundreds of people still cut off in several villages in Leh as flash floods killed scores of people in the past three days.Rescue workers struggled through piles of mud and slush looking for over 500 people missing in Friday’s devastating cloudburst that flattened villages, and snapped power and communication links, even as the death toll in the tragedy mounted to 145 on Sunday.

AP Rescuers tried to reach hundreds of people still cut off in several villages in Leh as flash floods killed scores of people in the past three days.
(From the Hindu)
Over 6,000 army men and troopers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) are involved in the massive relief and rescue operation and are assisting the local administration.
(From One India)

On an average a Family requires at least
4 quilts, 4 blankets and equal number of mattresses, 4 pillows and a big darri.
All this material suitable for high altitude places like Leh where the temperature goes below zero degree Celsius during winter months which start from October latest by early November. The approximate cost of these items works out to $145 per family of four members.
In clothing sweaters, warm shirts, inners, jeans/warm trousers, jackets are required. The average cost works out to around $175.

As regards utensils the minimum requirements are one pressure cooker of at least 5 Lts. capacity, 6 plates for lunch/dinner, 6 glasses, 6 katori 2 patila with lids, 2 buckets per family.  The approximate cost works out to around $45.

The cost of constructing dwelling units comprising 2 rooms (one room 12*12 and the other one 12*15including kitchen) in mud with tin roof will cost approximately Rs. 2-2.25 lac without labour component for which we intend to involve the beneficiary. The estimates are only tentative and may vary depending upon the requirements of the site. Similarly the requirement is based on an assumption of 4 member family the factual position can be assessed only after the connectivity is restored. In the meantime Sewa International, Sewa Bharti J&K through its unit in Leh in cooperation with Ladakh Phande  Tsongpa has already established a relief operation camp in Leh and is looking after the immediate needs of the beneficiaries.

For further information please contact:  Telephone:094191109 40,09419758339, 09419143516
Please send your generous donations to:
A bank a/c (01160401000010205) in J&K bank,Gangyal branch under ‘Ladakh Aapdha sahayta Kosh’ has been opened with Brig.Suchiet Singh as president and Dr.kuldeep gupta and abay Pragwal as secretary and cashier respectively.

For more information visit www.sewausa.org or email info@sewausa.org.
Please send your generous donations to:
P. O. Box 14622
Fremont, CA 94539
or donate on-line at www.sewausa.org/contribute-sewa-usa.

For contributions with in the country:

Sewa International
49, Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg,
New Delhi-110002
Tel: +91 11 23232850 or 23684445
email: sewainternationaldelhi@gmail.com


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