Live Suicides the TRP TV and Farmers: PEEPLI LIVE

view PEEPLI LIVE videos
view PEEPLI LIVE videos

Here is the download link for the Music if you are interested Peepli live music

After the show I was walking past the Exit and this is the best part:

God wot an apt and amazing music.. ETHNIC”

“Well was raw but true portrayal”

“Reality hits on so hard… Amir hatsoff”

Some comments that I heard.. Overheard! But yeah as soon as I came out I was on my Nokia N95 tweeting “Peepli live! Am touched. . D media d polity n d burocracy. . N stil god ntg changes.”

Then I could not resist and tweeted to a couple of them “Peepli live a must watch” and on Facebook “Peepli live . . Touching entertaining but at d end a heavy heart.”

So what was all this about? Just some movie that I liked or was it the trend setting dawn of the serious cinema on the Indian silver screen? I think it was both and the changing taste and awakening of the Indian mind…

After the recent Khatta meeta we have the ongoing Peepli Live and there are a few others that made to the box office and still had the critics attention as well as the audience. Adding a peel of laughter with the usual masala and some without it.

Director Anusha Rizvi has done an amazing task the visual experience to the story telling and the script…

The movie is so touching that I had to read the behind the screen and titbits or sidelines …
This piece from NDTV was so touching that I had to read it on..
As the audience wonders whether Natha, the poor farmer from Peepli village, will kill himself to save his family and land in Aamir Khan‘s latest hit production Peepli Live, it is much more than just a story in Nepal.
As debutante director Anusha Rizvi’s accolade-winning film opened in Nepal’s theatres Aug 13, the nation, in a somber coincidence, is mulling over two suicides that have shaken people already familiar with death, disaster and injustice.
The first occurred Aug 13 itself when a 35-year-old woman, abandoned by her husband and unable to provide for her two children, first threw them into a river to die and then set herself on fire.
The second suicide was still more stunning with the victim being the son of a peasant leader who had taken part in an earlier uprising in eastern Nepal.

Shambhu Rajbanshi killed himself in Nepal’s tea garden district of Jhapa Sunday after years of frustration. Four months ago, his father Digendra Rajbanshi had hanged himself in the headquarters of the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist, Nepal’s ruling party.
Digendra Rajbanshi, a member of the party, was a peasant leader who mobilised people during the popular uprising against Nepal’s oligarchical Rana rule in 1950. He had been arrested and jailed for almost a decade. But despite his contribution, the peasant leader’s bitter complaint was that the party had abandoned him and others like him. He had been seeking a job for his son but to no avail.

But despite his contribution, the peasant leader’s bitter complaint was that the party had abandoned him and others like him. He had been seeking a job for his son but to no avail.

2 thoughts on “Live Suicides the TRP TV and Farmers: PEEPLI LIVE

  1. Raghavendra

    Dear Veeru,
    I was really embarrassed to watch Peepli Live as it was not just Peepli Live but the whole Rural India Live. At one moment I stopped laughing on Natha’s dialogs as it reminded him of a farmer in our own village on death bed. At the other end, media is on their front foot to increase their TRP at the cost of a live death. At the end, I was in total confusion on whom to blame-the bureaucratic politicians or the profit oriented “the so called transparent media” or the helpless farmer or to blame ourselves (the young India) who just blogs and tweets but make no action.
    In total the movie is an eye opener to all. Hats up!

  2. Indigenous

    Raghu that was the exact feeling and thats what Amir was expecting from all of us. Yeah truly its an eye opener… May be its time we start doing something about… Samll things like buying local products and including a handmade soap, cottage industry made item in our shopping list could help the situation. I will not ask you to shun the MNCs but we can also use a cotton kurta whose proceds will go to the weaver and not machines.

    A girijan soap or a shampoo from a self help group, they all in turn benefit the farmer and his rural economy.

    Regarding the media and the politicians they too will fall in line once we start being pro active and not just idle n blaming. I am sure a thinking person like you and others like us will do something about.

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