KOMARAM PULI is just a Meow dhud

aah why does it happen when you need a relaxation badly?! Did it ever happen to you? When the worst you want is a movie with a lecturing protagonist and a an unexpected bad music by music maestero Oscar fame and super bad script copupled with no or bad small bits of comedy…

If you have any doubts try watching the Komaram Puli, and above all the fella wants to try Telangana style in between his awful acting standards. Well I will never sit for the full film so had to run. Thought of myself as Tom Hanks in FOREST GUMP.  RUN…. until I grow my beard so big that I can come back. If you are thinking I am more harsh than wot is required look at this review on One India

arrrrggg yeah thats my feeling still after a long drive and nice coffee as well as good reading. Still couldnot get over this bad taste I got this afternoo. To start with the guy an upcomming but self announced super POWER STAR with no release in  the past 2 years or so or is it still longer.?! could be?! And what he gives his fans is a third grade recycled bull shit.. did I actually say that.. never mind not my fault.

The MUSIC MAESTERO?! gives a pathetic performance keeping in line with his performance of CWG theme song. Oh I have not given you the STAR name PAWAN KALYAN! So now that I have said all that .. Are you gonna ask me .. Dint I like even 1 scene?! Well Iam still raking up my brains to think if there is atleast one to like. Tollywood filmsare so so entertaining Telugu film industry after the Power star s performance seems so shy of having hits with people like this one. Go man Go to your brother and learn a few tips if he still has some to give you. Chiranjeevi atleast is acting in public life, you better do it on the silverscreen and dont ever ever try to poke your nose in the Director job.

Iam tired and have no strength to write about your acting prowess so will safely try to have a nap.. ok I will atleast pretend to sleep.

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