Brihadeshwara temple celebrates 1000 years

Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur, State of Tam...
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It’s the time when history stands up tall and you look in pride.The Periya temple / Big temple in Tanjore Tamil Nadu is one such Marvell of architectural vowing structure.  It now celebrates a centenary and still stands with all gaiety.

A grand dance recital comprising 1,000 members led by danseuse Padma Subrahmaniam would be staged in the evening.  The big temple built by King Raja Raja Cholan in 1010 A.D. is an architectural marvel. A three-day ”Thanjai Sangamam” festival began at five places in and around Thanjavur city , as a prelude for the millennium celebrations of the Big Temple to be held here on September 25 and 26. For more photographs of the grand temple click here

Big temple

It was on the 275th day of his 25th regnal year (1010) that Raja Raja Chola (who ruled from 985-1014 Common Era) handed over a gold-plated kalasam (copper pot or finial) to crown the vimana (the 59.82 metre tall tower above the sanctum) of the temple. Karuvur Thevar reportedly composed these verses for the occasion. Source The Hindu

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