Arundhati roy the cracky pseudo activist

Sardar Sarrovar Dam in Gujarat, partially comp...
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Have been looking at Arundhati roys comments and her antics in the media and was really not feeling too good about that. Her comparing Maoist insurgents with Non-violent gandhi, or calling names of Indian state as a Bhooke nange (Hungry and nude), even siding with the secessionists to say Kashmir needs freedom from India and India from Kashmir, also defending the Millitant who was instrumental in planning the attack on Indian parliament, blindly and half knowledgedly writing articles that have half baked TRUTHS on the Godhra violence. Or even the Narmada dam‘s opposition which came under criticism from eminent environmentalists like Ramchandra guha, and criticising recklessly the Honouroble supreme court and sent to jail for contempt of court have all been tokenisms. While she and her husband own a house in the notified forest area and she wears branded items that the so called vulgarly rich MNCs produce she stages antics more than a Rakhi sawant or the Paris hilton.

Here is one cartoon that may be comes closer but not enough to showcase her true self.

Source : cartoonist shyam jagota

It reads

1) In my opinion unlike gandhian movement Maoism doesnt have aN ICON to project their demands so they donot have anyothergo but…

2) violence, ….. so that the administration and people can hear it and untill then i shall keep supporting them …

3) even if I have to go to jail….

(Come on at least my books will sell)

4 thoughts on “Arundhati roy the cracky pseudo activist

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  2. grt article, need more of these to expose the roys of these world they are helping noone but themself

    i hope to god her family are somehow targeted by these terrorist and killed, the i will see if she still supports them, offcourse unknowingly, knowingly they will not target people like her, a real whore, selling herself for publicity

  3. Prashanth K.P.

    Yeah, She is a slut whose unscrupulous rantings often resemble the crankiness of a women approaching menopause! Irritant, irksome and ignominious . While the Law looks the other way, thanks to CON & GOI, and the rest of UPA2 yawns boringly, there should be some measure of action against her for her involvement in participating in the illegal conference of traitors in New Delhi a propagating Treason against the very Nation that is feeding her!

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