Why the RSS called for nation wide protest ?

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The doubts that araise from the whole episode

1) Is there a political victimisation ?

2) Is there an effort to weaken the BJP by putting it on defence and driving to political untouchability?

3) Why accusing RSS / Hindutwa with cliches and tagging ? with words like ‘saffron’ & ‘Hindu terrorism” ?

4) Are the Gandhis (Rahul n sonia) are in a hurry to stabilise their power and place in history?

5) Since the RSS happens to be the only voice strong in the J & K is it being silenced so that some hasty treaty be signed with our western neighbors ? So that the congress wants to secure a Nobel ! (dats wiered but cant rule out) (Past experience indicates so)

The Union Govt (UPA) and its cabinet collegues including the power wielding and non accountable Sonia Gandhi have been lashing at the RSS (nothing new, provided they need a scapegoat) with such ferocity that people started to believe the propoganda.

Well whatelse can you do when you are in a fix ? If you stay silent you are shown as accused and media trial, while you talk, you are considered not law abiding ? So Protest is the only instrument to register the anguish. Rashtriya Swayamsevak sangh the largest Volunteer based / cadre based organisation in the world stands up and protests. Like the TV9 Telugu report at 10:00 am report said “RSS is not known for setting up tents and protesting or making news but for the first time in its history it has now done that”. Then there was the NewsX report from bangalore and Delhi where the Reporters said things ranging from why is RSS protesting ? why cant it allow the law to take its course ? And the answer from the volunteer standing by from bangalore was .. Well we have been co-operating with the Agencies and at the end of the investigation and unconditional support we get a 800 and odd page report which has nothing against the RSS but a SINGLE LINE saying MR Indresh Kumar might have in some way influenced the people behind the blasts. And that too from Rajastan ATS. Then the New delhi correspondent points out the Advani missing from protests and a senir BJP leaders’ appearence at jantar mantar and lot of people joining and its a show of strength.

Economic times report

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat led the protestors in Lucknow while general secretary Suresh Joshi addressed a rally in Hyderabad. Demonstrations were also held across Punjab, Haryana and Orissa.

In Delhi, MPs Prakash Javadekar and Balbir K Punj were among those who participated in the sit-ins.

The protests come in the wake of RSS leader Indresh Kumar and other activists being named in the chargesheet in the Ajmer blast case — three people were killed and 30 injured when explosives kept in a tiffin box exploded at the shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisthi Oct 11, 2007.

Addressing protestors in Lucknow, Bhagwat said the cases and allegations against the RSS were “baseless and politically motivated”.

Even as Bhagwat went on to claim that no RSS activist could be even remotely connected with acts of terror, he disowned all those who were suspected to be involved in such acts.

“Such Hindus who were found to have been associated with terrorist activities could not be even remotely associated with RSS,” he said in the speech.

Holding a brief for those against whom there was incontrovertible evidence, the RSS chief sought to add: “I am sure they were falsely implicated.”

He also came out strongly in defence of Indresh: “The fact that the investigating agencies had failed to find any concrete evidence against Indresh proved our point that he was being falsely implicated simply because the UPA government wanted to give us a bad name.”

The NDTV report

“Dragging Sangh into an unnecessary controversy is not a new phenomenon and this time also it is being made a scapegoat by those who are feeling tizzy of losing their place in Delhi,” Bhagwat said while addressing a dharna.

The NDTV report was rather halfhearted saying in Lucknow the RSS is protesting the alleged terror accusation by UPA govt.

Bhopal: Is the RSS nationwide protest a plan hatched much before Indresh Kumar’s name surfaced? Well, there is a lot to be read between the lines say political analysts.

For the first time since the Emergency in 1975 a nationwide protest has been launched by the Sangh Parivaar in Bhopal.

While, RSS leader Indresh Kumar being named in the Ajmer Blasts Case appears to be the trigger, sources say, the protest plan was formulated about a month ago when Rahul Gandhi equated the RSS with the banned terror outfit Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI) calling both ‘fanatical’ and ‘fundamentalists’.

Times now (here is a report from their website) didnt mention while TV5 has shown Kota srinivasa rao’s speech warning the forces that want to malign the RSS with tags and cliches.

“RSS always supported the investigating agencies and it was not against any such probe related to blasts which occurred in parts of the country, but the charge sheet filed by the ATS in Ajmer blast case wrongly projects every accused as an RSS activist while the fact remains that none, except Devendra Gupta, one of the six accused, had anything to do with RSS for last several years,” RSS leader Ram Madhav said.

“Similarly, the way the name of a senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar has been dragged smacks of a sinister conspiracy. The charge sheet neither presents any evidence nor makes any specific charges against him. It clearly shows that there is some conspiracy to implicate Indreshji in this case thus damaging his reputation and that of the organisation,” he

Here is a link of the discussion on CNN IBN

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