Why not let ‘We, The People’ decide ?

NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt is one of the best-known faces of Indian television news.

Thats the question Indians are asking the TOP JOURNALISTS and Media houses. After the 2G scam the many breakthroughs that it has been providing us (thanks to CBDT for the tapes) Barkha Datt, vir Sanghvi are out almost nude protesting that they are fully clothed and only the people looking at them are ill intentioned.Thats not the end as it seems but the begining and there seems to be more skeletons in the closet, as the speculation mounts Rajdeep sardesai, prabhu chawla and the list may go endless.

Only Outlook and OPEN magazines that too have them online.

Before we delve any further here are the Tapes for you..


VIR SANGHVI in conversation with NIIRA RADIA

“What kind of story do you want? Because this will go as Counterpoint, so it will be like most-most read, but it can’t seem too slanted, yet it is an ideal opportunity to get all the points across”

BARKHA DUTT in conversation with NIIRA RADIA

“Oh God. So now what? What should I tell them? Tell me what should I tell them?”

NIIRA RADIA works the phones

‘He (Raja) told me he said he needs help in the media. So I promised him I’ll help him. I’m helping him Ratan wherever I can but the thing is that every time you try and help him, he goes and makes stupid statements, you know.

A RAJA in conversation with NIIRA RADIA

“Hmm …tell Sunil Mittal, you have to work along with Raja for another five years”

KANIMOZHI in conversation with NIIRA RADIA

“Yes, yes. That I know. I’m just saying be careful, because he’s trying to get somebody from the Congress (to) say things against Raja to dad”

SUHEL SETH in conversation with NIIRA RADIA

“I haven’t even gotten up, I cannot put pen to paper… Otherwise, I am there and you want me to speak to anyone, not that you don’t know anyone.”

As the columnist / blogger of DNA poses doubts

The question that the Barkha Dutts and the Rajdeep Sardesais of the world have to answer is: How can you purport to be a news channel and ignore completely the biggest news break of the day for two days running (Nov 18 and 19)? Sure, say that those tapes are rubbish. Defend your journalists all you want. Do whatever, but how can you pretend to your audience — many of whom anyway have been listening to the tapes from the Open and Outlook and YouTube websites — that they never happened? I mean, how daft is that?

Yeah it is possible and we, The People are ready to give the benefit of doubt to the accused but why the BLACKOUT ? Shouldn’t we have the free access to the info so that we can decide or those on the TOP dont think We, The People are fit and cant decide?!

Corporate lobying and fixing matches seem to be the fav passtime for many of our TOP media professionals.

I cannot but agree with Newspostindia.com when it says,

“The media in the free world prides itself on impartiality. In India, they’re in bed with the ruling elites. If these individuals or the companies they represent had any ethics or standards, we would have seen resignations by now.”

accusations and the responses:

While the first to have reported on the INDIAN MEDIA‘s TOP journalists has been the Western and the Arab Media, The million Dollar question is why has the Indian Media stayed silent?! The Washington post, Huffington Post, Gulf news and the WSJ have all written their pieces while our neighbour Pakistan has its media shouting and calling names as expected.

The dawn from pakistan shouts irrelevant and as usual..

What passes for resurgent religious fascism in India has in fact mutated into a cozy partnership with a new strand of “secular fascism”, also known as corporate takeover of the levers of state. There are thus two parallel stories running at this point in time in the country and they both complement each other.

It’s all in the open as the Indian media runs for cover. The 2G spectrum scam, which till now was restricted to politicians and businessmen, has become too hot to handle for the journalists themselves as it allegedly involves two of their own. (Gulfnews)

While the washington post preaches

Indian journalists also increasingly serve as advisers for companies and as brand strategists on five-star hotel advisory boards. They are often paid by think tanks and are alleged to be paid sometimes to write stories by interested parties, media experts say.

“The list is endless. It’s a life of world capital-hopping, freebies, networking and seminars and summits,” said Viranda Gopinath, a columnist who wrote in the New Delhi tabloid Mail Today, one of the few mainstream newspapers to carry a double-page spread about the media’s role in the mobile-phone controversy. “Let’s not hoodwink ourselves to believe that this morally pornographic journalism is objective, fair and exact. All of it stinks, in varying degrees of severity and phoniness.”

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6 thoughts on “Why not let ‘We, The People’ decide ?

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  2. Yes, I agree. But then how to be sure that those “we” attempting to decide the matter are actually learned and knowledgeable enough to understand and decide. Unless, there is an awakening in the society to remain honest even without someone watching/having control; things are not gonna chance considerably.

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