The Swamy vivekananda

From left to right: Virchand Gandhi, Hewivitar...
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Jan 12th happens to be Swamy vivekananda’s Birth day and its his 150th now; so what! Yeh So what..?

I was reading his books and meeting people before it struck me that it was infact his 150th and its been 1 and a half centuries since this man walked this planet. He walked alll across the country INDIA / Bharath three times My goodness three times and he has done it so very kool. Living with all kinds of people eating with them talking to them and actually understanding this country … !

First known photo of Swami Vivekananda as a wandering monk at Jaipur.

well to quote him and to just remember him is not my intention here and today. I was just wondering how he was able to lead a life he lead and how one single man could have his persona affect the right, left and center alike! Is that possible and if yes what kind of a man would he have been that he could erase the ideological differences and the boundaries of Nation states! And we still are THINKING about HIM. He still inspires people irrespective of class, creed, region, religion. The modern day Gurus owe him alot, and not just them we all owe him a lot. For showing the Non-duality or the adwaitha.

He has now become Comrade Vivekananda ( and my communist friends say he did LEAD a revolution) and anybody who is remotely connected to revolution is a comrade. Well cant deny that 🙂

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