Appeal to help from a friend

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Opportunity to  help needy students and transform their lives


As you might be aware, I work as a ‘Karyakarta” (volunteer ) of Vidyarthi Sahayyak Samiti at Pune. Samiti is a 50 year old NGO which offers hostel accommodation and mess facilities to about 700 college students (both, boys and girls) through 4 hostels. The students come from poor families from villages and small towns in Maharashtra and some even from as far away places as Assam. Samiti provides lodging and boarding at a very nominal charge of Rs. 550/- per month.  In the hostels of other colleges (not the costly private colleges)  this would  cost Rs. 1000/- for the room and Rs. 1200/- for meals for a month. Samiti also organizes, free of charge, various programmes aimed at transforming the personality of the rural student and try to turn him into a smart young man. The students are from all faculties –Arts, Science, Commerce, Computer, Medicine, Engineering, Commercial art etc. Presently there are about 30  physically challenged students also.


Though Samiti solves their problem of lodging and boarding, in a large number of cases, the student does not have funds to pay his college fees, which are quite high these days depending on the course. Samiti does offer scholarships to many students, but the funds are not sufficient to take care of the full amount.


During the course of my work there I come across many students who have a very good academic record, are very well-behaved in the hostel but they are on the point of  giving up education just because they fall short of some amount to pay the college or examination fees. I  help them by giving them an interest-free loan of Rs. 5000 to 10,000/-( my own money ) so that they are able to complete their course. Though I tell them that I have given a loan which they must repay, I have to be prepared to write off the amount in case they do not repay. But this can change their career and the life of the entire family.


I have already helped 6 students in the above manner during the last 2 years (repayments are yet to start) but obviously  I have financial limitations.


I am writing this  note to know if you would be interested in helping a few deserving cases. If  so, it would help if I could have some idea about the limit so that whenever a deserving case comes up, I could get in touch with you, provide the details of the student and whatever other info which you might like to have and then, if you clear the case, tell the student accordingly.


I  take the relevant info of the student (his family, course, etc) and  give the money with a letter stating the terms.  Repayment period is whatever the student indicates.


If you are inclined to help, please let me know. I would send you the info which I normally collect from the student and the draft of the letter which I give to him (for confirmation of the terms).


With best regards,

Ashok Patharkar

One thought on “Appeal to help from a friend

  1. Veeru/Ashok,
    I suggest getting in touch with Friends of Pune ( which is an NGO that is working on specifically such cases. I think rather than you doing it alone, it would be better to work with the team; they are a very passionate, motivated, low-overhead, low-administration organization, who’ve been doing this stuff for many years.

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