It was awesome and soon turned in to tears

Pongal at City Home
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This years’ Harvest festival a 3 day celebration started with a super good feeling and all of a sudden ended with a sad note. Good coz Have met people from my childhood, some of them after atleast 20 years and some after a minimum of 10 years. And when I met them I have never in my wildest dreams expected them to be what they are today and I can bet, even they could have not expected themselves in such a position. Not that We have over / under estimated ourselves but thats way LIFE is.

The third day KANUMA of Pongal is a Float festival where the presiding diety of the village (Sri Maha VISHNU) is taken on a bamboo float in the village pond and around it for people to watch. Its an awesome sight. Earlier Nostalgia reminds me of people thronging in crowds to the folk dances Chekka bhajana and Kolatam but today its just become a ritual to just take the float minus the folk dances. Ofcourse the commercial elements are still there. For the kids its still a sweet memory even today.

Comming to the bad news …

News snippet courtesy: Sakshi telugu newspaper

Its my Sister a distant relative but a sweet one.. we just met once in Hyderabad. A very emotional girl, she was on one such Floats in a vilage called KANUMALLA some 70 Km from where my native place is. And the float was overloaded and sank killing 2 women and 4 more missing still. One of the victims killed in the incident is my Sister THIRUMALA. Have met her just once but the impact she had upon me was so immense.. Felt like I knew her ever since…  she is truly a lovable little sister and the badest is if I can say so is she just delivered a baby girl this may 2010 and the baby is now mother less.. Cant even imagine how hard it is ?! May be that’s why they say those departed souls are lucky and those that survive have a hardest …

News Source from Telugu daily EENADU

కనుమల్ల తెప్పోత్సవంలో అపశ్రుతి
యువతి మృతి
మరో ముగ్గురి గల్లంతుప్రకాశం: సింగరాయకొండ మండలం కనుమల్లవేంకటేశ్వర స్వామి తెప్పోత్సవంలో అపశ్రుతి చోటు చేసుకుంది. కనుమల్ల చెరువులో ఊరేగుతున్న స్వామి వారి పడవ ఒక్కసారిగా తిరగబడిపోయింది. దీంతో ఇందులో ఉన్న వారిలో ఒక యువతి మృతి చెందింది. మరో ఇద్దరు యువతులు, ఒక యువకుడు గల్లంతయ్యారు. మృతి చెందిన యువతిని తిరుమలగా గుర్తించారు. ఈమె వివాహిత. ఈమెకు ఒక పాప. గల్లంతైన ఇద్దరు యువతుల్లో రేవతి ఇక్కడి కళాశాలలో లెక్చరర్‌గా పనిచేస్తుండగా, కళ్యాణి ఇంజినీరింగ్‌ చదువుతోంది. మరో యువకుడి పేరు చైతన్య. ఇంటర్‌మీడియట్‌ చదువుతున్నాడు. యువతులు ముగ్గురిదీ కనుమల్ల కాగా, చైతన్యది పక్క గ్రామం. గల్లంతైన వారి కోసం గాలింపు జరుగుతోంది

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