Supreme coat and the Frustration of the aam aadmi

This cartoon Courtesy Times of India is apt and nails the point..

Thank you the SUPREME COAT (read court) of India. At least we have somebody really working and hard otherwise where would we all go..? With so many scams and so much negativity (Thanks 2 d 24X7 media) it was becoming schizophrenic and helpless day after day. All the world records in scams seem to have already broken and the world is wondering where it stands if India alone and its Politicians and bureaucrats hogging all the top medals of corruption?!

17,60,00,00,00000 the figure itself is frightening and confusing isn’t it ? And if you are worrying what this means that is exactly the amount that India Lost in 1 Single scam the 2 G Spectrum scam. And the Hon Min of Telecom newly taken charge claims and barks at the CAG for which thanks to the Supreme Coat of India has knocked the knuckles ouch,.. but dont worry its common for Kapil Sibal the liar (oops lawyer).

Ninan's World

This one is no less amusing n vindictive…

Else where in west asia and the African continent fired by the JASMINE REVOLUTION common man (aam aadmi in Congress lingo) has stood up and wants the despots to go. Will the Indian Populace be forced to do the same?! May be May be not.. Pray we never have to do that. Hosni Mubarak and his 30 years of misrule as well as people from Tunisia to Jordan and all those despots being hurled into the stream of protests no matter how strong their masters in the west but friends they are to go and have no choice but to..

They (Arab rulers) told us they would rule us for life. But they didn’t tell us whether it is their life or our life(Hamed, Alittihad, 8/15/04).

Dave Granlund/ GHNS cartoonist



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On a lighter note but with seriousness here are the Cartoons from the brazilian born CarlosLatuff (

Here are the feelings of some from this Blog

Today on the Dish, we tracked Egypt’s Friday of Anger. Protesters prayed, and got water-gunned, gassed and injured. The army arrived, some protesters cheered, fighting continued into the night, Islamists joined, and protesters formed a human chain to prevent looting of the Egyptian National Museum. ElBaradei was detained, a curfew was declared, Cairo caught fire and later calmed down. Mubarak stayed mum at first, and then dissolved the government but didn’t resign. We got the background on the “not ordinary” police, teargas cannisters were Made in the USA, and we kept an eye on the human toll. Marc Lynch offered advice to Washington, and Clinton spoke. Alex Massie zoomed out, we assessed the role of the Arab youth, and Joshua Tucker wondered if 2011 would be like 1989 for revolutions. Larison looked to a possible future without Mubarak, Goldberg urged Obama to push him out, and Bernstein prescribed caution. Steinglass cheered them on despite our interests, many considered the implications for Israel, and readers were torn. You can trace the updates as they developed here and here, Al Jazeera’s live-stream here, and today’s best video here, here, and here.

Conor begged to differ with Glenn Reynolds about uprisings and US intervention and approved of the NYT’s handling of the Wikileaks cables. Isaac Wood looked at the house in 2012, Conor delved into the details of the discourse war, and rabbis fought against Glenn Beck. Conor parsed Clinton on the drug war, and championed the food truck.

Quotes for the day here and here, question for the day here, chart of the day here, MHB here, Yglesias award here, FOTD here and here.


By Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images.

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