The world around seems in an Upheavl

Image by Davie; via Flickr


The world it seems is now undergoing a political and sociological upheaval?! The Revolutions and peasant uprisings in Africa and Islamic autocracies, Solar flares, Scams and scoops, controversies.. blah blah .. While in India we have the Maoist kidnaps and encounters which is nothing compared to the mindblowing scams (people or atleast I have started becomming a mathematical genius counting the no of zeroes after the crores involved in each scam). To give you a list of some so that you dont think I am exaggerating or megalomanic here you go..

2G scam involved : 1.76 lakh crores

S band spectrum scam involved: 2 lakh crores

Adarsh society scam: 800 crores

Satyam scam: 14,000 crores

Swiss bank blackmoney: 21 lakh crores

PDS Scam (yet to be evaluated): Rs 2 lakh crores

IPL Scam: 2,000 crores

LIC Housing finance scam: 1,000 crores

Commonwealth games scam: 70,000 crores

And if you though what were the people from the defence and armed services were thinking on the scam here is a letter for you from one of them Source:  calmur

They all sold their souls. No whistle-blower in the entire system. Nobody thought something very gross was under way and he/she should put his/her foot down.
And for what? A sea-facing apartment in Mumbai, worth perhaps Rs 8 crore. So there, folks, you have the price of this country. For a combined booty of no more than Rs 800 crore, you could buy the entire system. Our enemies reading about this can now rest their weapons. The message they get is that if they face the mighty Indian Army they only need to wave the allotment letters of a plush apartment.

Here is what INDIA TOday thinks of the SCAMified INDIA

Adarsh was not the only scandal in the Year of the Treasure Hunter. The total loot of the public exchequer in 2010 is estimated to exceed Rs 4 lakh crore. An analysis reveals that real estate is corruption’s biggest cash cow. According to realtors, 60 to 70 per cent of the price of property transactions in all major Indian cities is in cash. A finance ministry report of December 2009 states: “Of the Rs 4,500 crore seized in income tax raids, around Rs 2,000 crore involves land.


And look athis piece from rediff saying scams from last 12 years worth Rs. 80 lakh crores

According to the compilation, the total amount of money involved in various scams over the last 12 years alone, since 1992, is estimated to be over Rs 80 lakh crore (Rs 80 trillion) or $1.80 trillion!

While this figure is not claimed to be a definitive calculation, it has been arrived at on the basis of material published in newspapers over the years.


But Italy is having its own version of a revolution..

Or so it seems.. Courtesy : NPR

Petar Pismestrovic and Olle Johansson ask, has Italy finally said basta! to P.M. Berlusconi?


Petar Pismestrovic/Kleine

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