Amul touches the trend

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Amul has been the smoothest political and socio-cultural satire with a pinch of humour for as long as I was a small kid and can remember it… Now its making news for the Amul Babies tagline…

Yeah Amul trending on Twitter and reason… hav a luk..

This was after the war of words between Rahul and V S Achyutanandan (Kerala CM)

Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan Sunday hit out at Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi‘s comment on his age by calling him an ‘Amul baby’.

Gandhi, at an election meeting Saturday, pointed out that if the Left came back to power, then at the end of its five-year term the state would have a 93-year-old chief minister. Achuthanandan is 87 years old.

And here is my fav on Anna Hazare

Which means a 1000 wishes and hopes implying Anna Hazare represents a 1000 hopes of the people and a 1000 wishes from the people.  The simple Gandhian fighting against corruption for a bill JAN LOKPAL.

Getting back to Amul babies… Twitter has come up with similar titles for some celebs and others in public life…

  • Mahendra Singh DhoniCalm Sutra man
  • Medha Patkar: Wood-wards Gripe-water child
  • Preity Zinta: Huggies baby/Sony kudi
  • Anna Hazare: FastTrack baby
  • Shiney Ahuja: Minute Maid kid
  • Ranbir Kapoor: Self-confessed serial dater/John PLAYERs kid
  • Ashish Nehra: Happydent kid
  • Dr Batra: Pills-bury boy
  • A Raja: Hazmoolah boy
  • Shivmani: Baja aaj kid
  • Country Club guy: Thumbs Up boy
  • Bappi Lahiri: Gold Spot guy
  • A.R. Rehman: Melody kid
  • Raj Thackeray: Close U.P. lad
  • Neil Armstrong: Man-ek-chand boy
  • Poonam Pandey: Strip- sill(y) Girl/ Khol-gate girl
  • Julian AssangeHor leaks baby 
  • Swami Nityananda: Good-night boy
  • Shane Warne: White mischief guy
  • Karunanidhi: guy
  • Sharad Pawar: Sugar Free boy
  • Malinga: All Out guy
  • Parthiv PatelNano kid
  • Rajnikanth: frontline (San se aage) man 
  • Manmohan Singh: Fevicol Kid/ Micro-soft Kid
  • Karan Johar: Nes-Koffe baby
  • Harman Baweja: Cerelac baby
  • Abhishek Bachhan: No Idea baby
  • Shashi Tharoor: Twitter baby
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh: fair and lovely baby
  • Steve Jobs: iPill kid
  • Madhuri Dixit: Hero Honda dhak dhak gal

For more here is the handle.. #AlternateAmuls.

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