Obama reserves seat 4 osama in hell

Well the Devil is Gone, or was taken down in a clean op… And already here is a small cartoon kinda thing where in you can blow osama Click here

New York Daily News

have you noticed the resemblance of Osama, Jesus and Obi-Wan? For those who remember Obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars, he allowed Darth Vader to kill him because he would become more powerful as a dead spirit than as a living being, just as Jesus was more influential when he was dead than when he was alive. America has now made Osama a saint to his followers. (Courtesy ABS )

So is he Burning in Hell Which I believe he is or has he become saint and is enjoying with 72 virgins  as Quran says

The long American nightmare is over. Osama bin Laden has been brought to justice, killed in Pakistan yesterday by U.S. commandos after a decade-long hunt. Justice has been served. But let’s be clear: bin Laden is not now in Paradise with 72 virgins.

Bin Laden was a fanatical Radical Sunni Muslim. He hated the Lord Jesus Christ. He hated and cursed Christians and Jews. He murdered Christians and Jews and others; recruited, trained and deployed thousands of others Muslims to murder Christians, Jews and others; and pursued a life of sheer evil defiance of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Unless he truly and sincerely repented at the last possible moment and received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior — unlikely given the speed of the raid — he is now burning in the fires of Hell. (Source: flash traffic blog)

In true Twitter fashion, bin Laden has been “resurrected” online pronto.

@ghostosama’s tweets went:

“Well this sucks…I accidentally enabled location on my tweets.”

“Obama is using my death to assure his reelection.”

“I retired as the world champion of hide and seek.”

“If you’re wondering how I have access to twitter, being the most wanted does have its advantages. ;)”

“Looking at the upside, no more riding camels and I still have 70 virgins #Osama”

From Real_Bin_Laden, we have this tweet: “Relax, everyone, I’m just faking my own death. I now realize that was probably unwise to tweet just now. Oh well…”

And OsamaInHell shared:

“Watching yourself on TV is soooo weird.”

“Worst part? I’ll never star in a video again. I loved doing those. Tear.”

Well, for now that is. Who knows, someone might upload a YouTube video soon of — you guessed it — Osama “in hell.”

Among the Twitter accounts made for the slain terrorist leader are @OsamaBinladen,@BinLadenInHell@alqaeda@Real_Bin_Laden@ghostosama, and @OsamaInHell

Osama Bin Laden

Long Before the world started tweeting and playing Osama Jokes here is an Indian Bollywood take on the fellaa…

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