The gud Samaritan in daily life

This week and the one before had two major BREAKING NEWS .. Not in the TRP sense but real heartbreaking ones, like the ones when you hear real bad news. One of them being the IED blast hit train where dozens killed and the other the mumbai blasts. I am not worried about the financial markets and the financial nerve center being hit, but what really hit me was that the terrorists no matter who they are could so easily strike at will even after scores being killed.

In the midst of all this one thing reassured me, yeah of course the protagonist from the film Wednesday was there but apart from that there was this one silly man who went viral with hist single normal act of open spreadsheet in google docs, then became a movement to help the fellow beings suffering in the mindless violence.

I could hardly remember his name and no Matter how small and how irrelevant the effort, it reminds me of a friend of mine who used to say You are just a link in the chain of events. Do your part and the chain shall follow, spread and goes on. Doesn’t wait for you after all you are what nothing ! But then why do I need to do what I have to do?! It’s for your own good and satisfaction, spare us the logic of helping others.

Here is a sample of what idiot boxed freaks / online junkies (so called) could do…

Nitin Sagar's Follow-Up Tweet

The document, which appears to have been started by Nitin Sagar (who lists his location as New Delhi on Twitter), has been making the rounds on Twitter. A few hours after it was posted, the document was updated to say: “The document has been protected from public view due to privacy concerns. I am inclined to believe the spreadsheet served its purpose.” The updated spreadsheet does provide viewers with an email address to contact in case people are still seeking help or information posted to the document earlier in the day.

An interactive map of the blasts can be viewed at, while a map of #MumbaiBlasts tweets can now be viewed on Google Maps.

The three explosions took place at rush hour Wednesday in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, located in the state of Maharashtra. As The Times of India reports at the time of this post’s latest update, the attacks killed at least 21 people and injured 141. (Source: Mashable)

And not forget millions of others in everyday life who give a hand right from you running to catch a train to the one that shouts to caution you when you forget to take off your stand for your two wheeler, to … Lots more helping hands who normally go unnoticed …

so when a friend of mine or most of the generalists say the world has become material and there’s nothing good or positive about it… It gives me laughter a hearty laughter. It’s only that either they are having a bad day or somebody is having a blast at their cost. Either way it’s not funny or sane to say the world has gone materialistic or blah blah blah… There are people like your friendly neighbor who smiles to reassure you, an anonymous traveller who gives a hand with your shopping bags, or people like Nitin sagar who Sping up at times of crisis and do whatever they have to do and still stay anonymous after that…

So chill.. The world still is a better place to live so You decide if you wanna contribute, either way it’s gonna be rocking all that matters to YOU is if you wanna be part of the chain.

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