Colourful Bonalu in Telangana

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COLOURFUL FINALE: A procession being taken out from Akkanna Madanna temple to Afzalgunj during Bonalu festival in Old City on Monday


Women offer ‘bonam’ to Goddess in vessels embellished with turmeric, neem leaves (Source: The Hindu)

Bonalu is an eleven day traditional Hindu folk festival to honour the Hindu Goddess MahaKali. The festival originates in the Telangana region in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

MahaKali – who has many arms that wield weapons showing her power – is honoured mostly by women, who bring offerings of food and dancing. Men also participate in the festivities: male artists wear make-up and dresses to look like the Hindu God Hanuman and MahaKali herself. A couple of dwarf artists can also be seen in the pictures dressed as Potharaju, who is the brother of the Goddess.

The Goddess travels in the final procession in a goat-drawn chariot while all the participants and artists rally around her, putting on a brilliant display with color, fire and festivity. – Photos by agencies

Pictures Courtesy: Times of India

FITTING FINALE: Artistes perform during Bonalu celebrations at Akkanna Madanna temple in Hyderabad on Monday

HEARTBEATS OF TELANGANA: Drummers from different districts of Telangana and Andhra participate in ‘1,000 drummers meet’ organised by Arunodaya in support of Telangana state at Indira Park on Tuesday


Indian artists dressed up as the Hindu goddess MahaKali perform with fire in a street during the final procession of the eleven day traditional festival of Bonalu, a ritual offering to the goddess at Sri Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Mandiran in Hyderabad, on July 25, 2011. MahaKali is honored mostly by women during Bonalu festival by offerings of food and dancing. Photo by AFP/ Noah Seelam

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