US Debt crisis in Cartoons

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Trying to understand the US Debt crisis I have been reading following Mark Tohoma and Krugman and the list goes on. The american dream comes to an end, to the American way of life fizzles have been common headlines in MSM and social media networks as well as comments and tweets. Then I thought of reading it through the Pictures and landed up with the cartoons which made a pretty interesting learning.

The Cartoons have been my favourite way of learing, and in topics as complicates and the simple ones to the political and the Entertainment ones. Has been enriching but also threatening and unimaginable that the one currency that the world is dependent has been nose diving at much more sooner than is expected. Will it be Euro next or will it be back to the Gold… ???? !

So Here you go..

Oneliners not to be missed here is some before it slips out of my mind ONELINERS

30.07.11: Martin Rowson cartoon

Martin Rowson cartoon, 31.07.2011

Source: The Gaurdian

US debt crisis explained

Source: cagle blog

Dave Granlund Color edit toon US Debt politics.jpg
Source: Monte news

Us debt crisis

Source: The Independent

Source: The Independent

American debt crisis
The Pawnshop

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