Chenchu Boys thank Steve Jobs ?

Steve Jobs while introducing the iPad in San F...
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I was initially amazed of the man that always bumped back even after serious illness and despite he being thrown out from his own company comes back to takes his rightful position?!

The moment I heard his Stanford Commencement speech I kinda liked the guy, He stood tall and yet didn’t preach. May Be I liked that single quality about him the most?! I literally followed his Words from the speech “STAY HUNGRY” and found out I was “FOOLISH” only to be dawned upon later.

I kind of showed the video to all of my friends irrespective of whether they understood the language or not.

With a background of community engagement and things like that I should have been hating him for not spending into the society from his huge profits, but strangely I started becoming a fan of his. And when I actually got one of his IPAD2 it was even more amazing. Amazed of how it could change everything. To tell you how it changed it is here (YouTube video); A friend of mine from the US wanted to always visit the Chenchu hamlets and I took him along with me on one of those visits (of course with my IPAD2 along). Chenchus are predominantly shy and are an endangered tribe by any measure with population dwindling and addictions to drinking and prone to TB and Malnutrition.

When Anurag my friend was asked to talk to them he hesitated but took my Ipad and started to talk about it. The chenchu boys in the Residential school (BLOG / WEBSITE) I initially thought would be bored with the alien device and of technology but the gadget was like cakewalk and game for them. Anurag didn’t even have to explain them the nitty gritty of the device and they were playing with it like they have known it for long. May be the Touch made the difference and you actually don’t need a language or tech knowhow to operate one. The angrybirds was of course their fav, the cam came next, the talking tom cat came next, the music last. It was never enough of Ipad for them and they wanted more of it.

That is the kind of impact the Ipad and apple products have on even a novice to tech, and for the person that has made it possible. The chenchu boys may not know who steve is but surely when they know they will thank him and many more like him. That is probably why we love him. Thank you Steve.

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