10 K Run and Bagicha Singh

Smoking any tobacco product, %, Males
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The man (here actually restraining from calling him the old man here) is Bagicha singh from assam. This 77 year elderly is a crusader with a cause, he is campaigning against Tobacco, and all those harmful things including smoking, Gutka, Pan parag etc. Thats not such a great thing, but what iam about tp say now is …. He has been on foot crisscrossing India 18 times and this is his 19th journey. Doesnt Complain, doesnt ask for any help. He just walks .. wait  R u remided of Tom Hanks in what was that movie… Forest gump.. can say that except that he is no celebrity for the press.

Was on in the 10 K run and there was this small group that was onlookers at a man as if he was a strange object in the museum.. joined them and after a while got involved with his cause and thought of Clicking him and posting on my blog. So isn’t it a consolation that we at least run once a year making it a cause unlike this man who by the way has a back pack of 92 kgs. He challenges if any in the group can lift it while he lifted it with ease. So Are we to walk for health or are we to shed off the smoking and all that he is campaigning against?! Confused….

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